Sunday 10 April 2016

Thought can change the world positively :

Picture Courtesy : SADA /Prakash Bhattrai
      Thought appears to be only one thing repeatedly revolving in our mind. When that thought takes positive or negative side, it swipes away all our existence towards that side. To understand it more deeply we shall dig more how thought shapes our life, what can be done, and by going through it's scientific evidences. Then we know thought can change our life. Just by twisting the intention of our thought life can take a U-turn . 
      Thought effects each and every aspects of life. Just by thinking about lemon juice our mouth starts creating saliva, just by thinking about a cute baby or a puppy our heart fills will love and compassion, and just by thinking about a cruel man our heart starts beating fast and our whole being get disturbed immediately. Here we must ask our self, what is that which makes our being changed with the blink of different affaires : that definitely refers to thought. That thought plays as a key element to create such feelings when we change the channel of feeling and thinking through thought.
      Thought changes surrounding, heal the body, attract the riches, attract the love of our life, and what not. These days so many scientists, philosophers, life-coach are talking and sharing this term called "The Law of Attraction". Which says: what ever we have in our life is the result of our thought. Accident, faller, break-up, loss, sickness all are the by-product of our negative thought of continues feeling of not wanting to be in that particular situation. But by not wanting to be in that situation we continuously create the energy and vibration as if we are asking the nature to bring that state in our life. On the contrary, if we focus our intention on what we already have and just by being thankful for all the gifts of life, we attract more glorious gifts we never know about. And by being in this continuous feeling of gratitude life starts surprising us in every new steps by offering so many new horizons of possibilities.
      Thought can change the molecule of our body and things around. Dr. Masaru Imoto a Japanese scientist researched in water which demonstrates that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas, and music effect the molecular structure of water. The very same water that comprises over 75% of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. He takes clean water puts it in many different jar, labels it with different words like love, gratitude, hate, sickness, compassion and let it stay for few hour, frizzes it and checks the molecule of crystalized water through special microscope. He even checked the water from polluted river and clean stream , played music in front of jar with dirty polluted water and the result was miraculous . Here we can see the picture of different water sample that Dr. Imoto took from his special microscope. 
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      This ground-breaking  research proved that water can absorb the feeling, music and thought. That also proved that Hindu believe of drinking holy water from river beside the temple had a great science behind. That river water would absorb all the prayer that have been offered through the ages, even praying before having food also was scientific act so that mantra would created a good vibration so that food becomes healing diet. This research also excavates the reason behind why the main stream media is forced to speak in the favor of government and the powerful one's so that  news will become the believable thought for peoples and they believe and create the bias collective consciousness against other cast, creed, group, and nation and go for war or act in the favor of their wish as we saw in the history many times. I wonder if this water can absorb such a great message and make change in its molecule then what worse have we done with us and this planet earth as we both hold more then 75% of water within. With these many evidence we come to this understanding that thought can create change in our life and surrounding. As Buddha quotes " All that we are is the result of what we have thought." Hence, we can change the world by changing our thought focusing the brightest side of life as much as possible.

What you seek is seeking you: Rumi


Cha ke ke lukeko sajal ti nayan maa

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence : Osho


I don't know what I think until I write it down: Joan Didion