Sunday 8 May 2016

My Country, People & Culture : Fish, thirsty in water

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Underlining Question: What made me dropout the Permanent Residency of Europe?
          When I took ticket back for Nepal, every one was surprised, shocked, amazed, and were asking ; what made me leave this land ? They were murmuring " every one dies to be here, people pay huge sum of money just to appear in this land, and stupid you, what happened to you? are you ok ?" And I answered " I am missing the dust of Kathmandu, chaos, strikes, and beautiful sunshine that would wake up Mt. Everest, worlds fast running rivers, streams, and plane tarai.  My peoples who are fighting in name of race, cast, religion: I miss them. Though its chaotic but its my land and my people. A conscious being like us who have seen the world and are aware and act like universal citizen, we are the one who needs to be there and act to make a change. I have not much to do here, my people need me". And I kissed that beautiful land of Sweden, tore the paper of permanent residency and silently left for Nepal. As Osho Says "Home is where the heart is, and my heart is with you".  Here I'd share the insight that enlightened me and made me come back home, where I belong.
           Candle enlightens the world but can't delete the darkness beneath it, as if fish remaining thirsty in the water. I had the same feeling for my country, people and culture, when I went far-far away from my land. Until we are in the land of origin we think the world out side is more better then ours. Money is flying in the air, just here where I am is not perfect, rest of the world is perfect. And that reminds me of many tragedy out there : When I saw a children leaving home after being 18 and feeling ashamed to live with parents, when I saw peoples living just alone with cat and dog, begging and putting pamphlet in street asking  for some one to come and celebrate Christmas with them, when I saw old peoples given full care by government but not out of love but just as a job without compassion, when I meet hundreds of friends having breakups more then 15 times and still not satisfied and in search of new one, when I saw people in Europe can only farm and grow for 3 to 5 months, when I saw whole country being dark and gloomy for more then 7 months, covered with snow and reaching the peak of development, that reminded my warm and bright country with great culture, And that was moment I got an Epiphany of me as fish thirsty in water.  
When I saw the whole generation of Europe and America chanting hare Krishna mantra and more then 71% of college graduates doing yoga & meditating, when I saw tear rolling down when they heard I was from the country of Himalaya, Shiva, Krishna, Rama & Buddha and saw the dyeing passion to touch this secret land where river is praised as mother ganga, stone are worshiped as Shaligram, Pipal & Tulsi plant are worshiped, monkey are worshiped as lord Hanuman, cow are worshiped as mother Laxmi, birds are worshiped as Garuda, where every thing is just holy, life to death and hence have a great mystery and science behind it. And that was moment I got an Epiphany of me as fish thirsty in water.
In one hand I heard the song "Imagine" by John Lennon to unite world and stop war, discrimination, and hatred rather create a Utopian society of love, harmony & compassion which resembles the Vedic mantra "Vashudhaiva Kutumbakam" meaning the world is one family. Having this feeling underneath in my heart I felt to heal the wound of my peoples and society where more then 40 thousand energetic youth leave this country per month and is growing by huge amount. I was wondering can I heal this big wound of our society being empty without any youth and left aside with old and sick generation without any new thought and ideas. And inspired my self with a feeling of Is it right to run far-far away saying there is no opportunity and political instability to the comfort zone of abroad? That would be wrong decision rather being in this panic zone of instability in every sector and instead of blaming other uniting together and sharing the knowledge of entrepreneurship would enlighten us. One can feed, cloth, shelter but will it be enough for whole life? But by educating how to create food, cloth and shelter many can grow above. And collectively we make a change.

When I am reminded that the last structure build in Patan Durbar Squire was on 1618 A.D. when there was no such country called USA, and pitiful thing is that now to repair this Squire we are asking grant from USA, in 1924 Nepal abolished 62 thousand slaves were abolished using fund from Pashupatinath Temple, at that time, there was no such UNDP (1950)  in existence. In business we learn that for a success first thing is location, and just when I looked at the map of Nepal a country of 1.38 billion people in north whose economy is growing 11% per annum and of 1.31 billion people in south whose economy is growing 9% per annum, and I wonder is that a bad location to be for success? If we place two glass of hot water and put a small glass of cold water in middle how long will small glass remain cold? Whether we like it or not three glasses will reach the same temperature in a while. How long will Nepal claim to be a poor country. Its not possible to surround by growth and remain not growing . One small candle can show the path of mile, there is no need of light to show hundred miles at a time, small-small tiny steps will make change gradually, by sharing knowledge one can't be small rather will grow more wise and will create the great collective consciousness of awareness.  Until and unless we stop blaming          other will never solve the problem, As Anil Chitrakar says "rather stepping in Panic Zone from Comfort Zone will lead us to Magic Zone". We must not try to fallow other rather find new ways matching our own nature and circumstances. As Einstein quotes "Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid". We can abolish the poverty, develop country, but to do so only one essential thing is we should unite and from individuality to collectivity  and do things collectively. And this wisdom made me come home. Home is where the heart is my heart is with Nepal. 

What you seek is seeking you: Rumi


Cha ke ke lukeko sajal ti nayan maa

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence : Osho


I don't know what I think until I write it down: Joan Didion