Sunday 6 March 2016

Travelling and Knowing the Self

As I was travelling, the Sun was same which shined in its full beauty from the Himalayas of Nepal, from the rocky mountains of India and set exactly the same way in the deep sea at Swedish archipelago. The Moon was running in its own cycle in exactly same way ... but the different was the land, its vegetation and the heads where their light fell on. Water that I drank was all of same property of cooling and reliving from thirst.  I still remember the sweetness in smell of Danish snowy wind and fishlike order of wind blowing in the tsunami hit villages of South Indian coast of Indian Ocean.
When I fled up and up more up high in the sky and saw the great Himalayan range in the North of Nepal, white snow seemed as if it was decorating the green valleys and hills like garland, there was no border which can differentiate that another side of the Himalaya is Tibet, nor the green great plane land was saying any thing about India and Nepal border. The whole world was without border, at that time "I felt so jealous of birds and animals! who roam here and there freely all around without any visa or passport, and felt ashamed of being a human for creating boarders and differentiating between the nation and human."   
I have travelled many villages and cities of Europe mostly Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Thailand, India and of course Nepal where I was born. In this great journey of my life I have tasted so many different foods, touched so many different land forms, walked in exhausting dry desert and freezing snowy roads, I have felt too many shades of wind in my face, and have swamped in different ocean which actually is one and just have different name from the different part of world, which surrounds this earth from all around but can't really see the earth making difference in anything it's offering to us. Earth is so unconditionally in love with all of beings, either small insect or huge whale. It has provided everything to all who reside here with right temperature and food. Camel in desert is blessed with great art of living in thirsty environment and it has given a long sleeping ability to panda in Himalayas to rest in peace and wait for new grass to grow. Frogs are blessed with art of living in dry days to wait the rainy season.  
Yes, bird looks different than champagnes and human looks different than insects, we all look different in color, shape and size but we all came from the same source to this existence. It's possible that we can't talk each others' language, but we all have feeling of love and compassion which binds us and unites us. It's natural that in this eco-system, frog eats insects and frog is eaten by snake and tiger eats deer and so on but we all are the creation of same existence. We are so similar in the level of feeling, we all need family, friends and want to live in a community of our own. It's so hard to understand that we are connected from deep within, scientists are saying so loudly for ages that we all are connected with the same thread of nature in this existence.  
I am a musician by profession, I have composed many songs on love, tragedy and patriotism. I always thought for my people and my country, actually never thought globally. As I travelled and saw many countries and people living there, I couldn't see any difference in us, than language and skin, rest was all same we all love to be loved, everyone wants to have some sort of belongingness and cared for. I couldn't see the different sky, sun or moon. Actually I was quite amazed when I landed in Denmark for the first time and knew that this land was called Copenhagen, Denmark. It surprised and gave me a great insight of how can land be different when it is connected in every aspect with my part of world. While flying in Sky there was no any means to differentiate that, above which country was I flying. Once going to Germany by car from Denmark suddenly a text came in my mobile saying "now you are in Germany and you are most welcome in our land" that just shocked me because there was not even a border check or any gate or such thing with any police, which made me think if we live in peace we don't need any police and boarders. 
Till this date I haven't found any individual human in earth who says that he only loves his family and country, I have met so many open minded people in this great journey with great heart to unite this world and be a universal citizen. But if you visit the mass of people following any political leader, any sect of religion or a group of some cast or color then you will find many group of people hating others group and loving only own. So we should know deeply within that we are fragmented in heart by these selfish leaders, politicians and exploiting philosophies. I dream and wish we will unite once again in the name of Humanity and bind our heart and soul and rise above cast, creed, color of skin,  country and make our time the best era in whole history of this earth.   

So travel my friend! Travel! And know this earth more closely from your heart, as all the rivers from Himalayas are running to meet sea and oceans far away. Our Rhinos and Tigers from Royal Chitwan National Park visit Indian Bengal tigers and have children together, Siberian birds travel thousands of mile to come to Nepal and have their babies born in Nepali forest, raise them and go back home, clouds from Bay of Bengal bring rain for our farmers in Nepal, we all are connected friends we all are ....
There is no such word like 'foreigner'. We all are from same family ! As our sages said thousands of years ago " Bashudhaiba Kutumbakam" which means the whole world is one family.
Peace, Light & Love
Suvas Agam
Writing finished at 13:30 
March 5th 2016

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