Thursday 20 December 2018

Movie Review: "Badhai Ho" directed by Amit Sharma

          “Badhai  Ho” simply means congratulation to you. In Indian subcontinent we congratulate our beloved ones on many occasions. In this movie we get rarest opportunity to witness the unique phenomena happening in family. A mother of around fifty gets pregnant. It becomes extremely awkward situation to break the news to two adult sons .The news spreads in family and neighborhood. Indian society takes a bit more interest in others affairs, this becomes quit a situation where adult sons get so embarrassed that they even don’t dare to go office or college just they don’t want to face the situation or comments. When girlfriend of one elder son tells this news to her widow mother who is supposedly don’t believe belong to middle class family. This widow mother of that girl makes fun and criticizes this act of old women being pregnant as a symbol of lower or middle class behavior which by coincident is heard by elder son (Ayushman Khurana). This becomes the pick moment when he starts not feeling guilty of his mom being pregnant. Same thing happens at another family party where these two sons do not participate just because of shame of mom being pregnant. All women criticize the pregnant mom as shameless act and as not mature or did of a class. And here we witness amazing dialogue of Dadi or Granny who admires the pregnant mother as women of class and dignity.
          We feel kind of worried as a people of twenty-first century society when these two grown up sons behave as if their parent has committed a great sin. Later when they hear of other people making fun of this story, suddenly realizes that this is not something to feel ashamed of. We also come to get insight that we have almost made assumption that old age is just the age of retirement. No romance is the right of old aged people. This movie in one aspect teaches or inspires old aged people to enjoy their life. At the same time it also inspires one to create a bond in family.
          In the market when we are hearing so much bad review of “Thug of Hindustan” people are talking that in so much low budget with no explosion, no foreign shooting, no fight and no hi-fi props too one can create such a beautiful movie. I will recommend you to watch this movie with your family. You will feel more loved and more in harmony with your beloved ones. I would love to congratulate director Amit Sharma for bringing such a unique story to us. And I will give 4 stars out of 5 to this movie.

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