Saturday 15 August 2015

You Are The One You Were Waiting For

We are Love Beings & should therefore live in Love Consciousness 
You Are The One You Were Waiting For

It is so simple. We human beings tend to make things so difficult. But in reality, it is very simple. Love is the most powerful energy there is on our planet and everything is based on the consciousness of our planet. How do we switch the consciousness of our planet from ego into love? By being loving beings. And how do you be a loving being? And this is why I’m teaching everywhere to share this message.

My message is remember who you are. This is 
absolutely vital to the equation. How can you be a loving being if you don’t even know who you are? How do you not judge someone if you don’t know who you are? Or for a moment, let’s realize that you each, every single one of us have a great I am, a soul, a spirit. And that the old paradigm of religion, of man-made religion, and all of these rules to be a good person, or a sinner or a saint, or to live perfectly get to heaven. Let’s set that down for a moment. That is something that man has made all of these rules to gain power and control over the human body, the human being. But for a moment, let’s think to ourselves: God has created you. And if God is your parent then you are, too, a god and goddess. And your great I am is God and goddess. It exists just like all of the love and energy that has created the universe. You’ve exist on a much higher level. Your sour and sprit does exist. And you are a great I am. And it is you who chose to send you to this planet. Not someone else. Not a man up there called a God who is a man and decided “You go to planet Earth, it’s going to be very, very hard.” And I’m going to erase your memory of everything and of me and it’s gonna be very difficult. But if you don’t live perfectly, you can’t come back to heaven. This do not happen. You are a great I am. You have a vast spirit – a consciousness. And you chose to send a spark of you to this planet. You chose. And it is you who loves you more than anything else ever could. You. You’re a great I am. You’re – you’re everything. And you sent a spark of yourself up here to gain a body, to have an experience, to learn and to grow and to come to this Earth’s school. And it is you. You’re a great I am watching over every second of every day. Every moment of your life is given to you by you. Your great I am is moving you around. You’re like a chess piece on a board. Every person you come in contact with, every experience – good or bad, easy or hard – is given to you by you to have the experience. To learn and to grow in your consciousness. When you know this, you realize that you are perfect. Your journey is given to you by you. And you get everything that you need the very moment that you need it. It is the same for me. It is the same for every person on this planet. In this known, the moment that you realize this, you are truly free, because you realize “I cannot, as an individual, judge anybody else on this planet. They are receiving the journey that they need by the person who loves them the most and knows exactly what they need every moment of everyday. Their own great I am. Everybody’s journey is given to them by them. And I cannot judge anybody for the journey that they’re on – whether I disagree with it or agree with it, whether I like what they are doing or believe in. It’s none of my business and I cannot judge that because it is given to them by their great I am, just like my journey is mine. This does not mean that we just have to ignore somebody that’s hurting another person. I always use this example. Woman in Copenhagen then asked me: If I know my neighbour is beating his wife, do I just let that go because that’s his journey? That’s her journey? Absolutely not. The moment that you know he is beating his wife, this has become a part of your journey. Your great I am gave you this knowledge for some reason. Now what is the best thing you can do at this moment? Every experience of everyday is given to you by you. And in every moment, you can ask yourself: what is the best decision, the best choice, from love, from my heart that I can make right now? And when you are living in this way, you know that you’re living in love. You know that you cannot judge a human being. You know you can support people, love people for who they are, for the journey that they’re on. 
You can love yourself as the great I am. You can lot go for being angry at God for the hardships and in your life. I know that you gave it to you to learn something great. That you can let go of anger and judgment and move forward in love. True love. 
Kiesha Crowther, “Little Grandmother,”

Kiesha Crowther, also known as “Little Grandmother,”

began receiving direct teachings from the spirit world and Mother Earth as a child who spent much time alone in the wilderness. As a child, she spent long periods of time alone in the wilderness, where she lived with and learned from the four-legged, one-legged, winged-ones and swimmers, as well as the star and stone people. Her young life was marked by many unusual experiences and abilities that she did not understand. As a child, she had been taught by the ancestors, grandmothers past, and Mother Earth, and was known for her ability to sense and communicate with wild animals and to see and work with energy.
Since being initiated on her path as Shaman and wisdom keeper at the age of 30, Kiesha has begun to share teachings and to conduct ceremonies and healing for the benefit of humanity and Mother Earth. She feels her responsibility to be carrying and communicating earth wisdom and the ancient knowledge for our current age. Toward this end, she has released videos of her talks, which are freely available on YouTube and which have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people so far all over the globe. Her work as a Wisdom Keeper also includes the planting of sacred crystals in very specific locations around the world for the renewal and strengthening of Mother Earth’s precious ley lines. Her powerful message emphasizes how to shift individual and planetary consciousness, how to live in the heart in right relationship with Mother Earth, and to remember who we are–
Little Grandmother resides in Maastricht, The Netherlands at the moment.
Contact her at:

If you want to hear and see her then here are few videos of her discourse

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